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Stopping Spam

Spam! What is it and why is it bad? As most of you know, spam is electronic mail sent directly to addresses usually found from browsing usenet postings, internet mailing lists or from your email addresses being rented or sold. These messages may seem harmless at first glance but they actually cost the reciepient and the ISP money in disk space, bandwidth, the cost of regular maintance and wear on software and hardware, and most importantly--time lost. Ferris Research found it will cost U.S. companies more than $60 billion this year due to lost productivity and the additional equipment, software and manpower needed to combat spam. On top of that, the real problem with spam, in my opinion, is that it clutters up the reputation of the internet with the idea of scams, unethical pitches, and get rich quick schemes.

The How-To Guide

Here is a list that, if followed, can reduce the ammount of spam you personally recieve and some things you can do to possibly prevent it from appearing in the first place. Know ahead of time that it is really hard to prevent spam from entering your life, but there are some things you can do to put yourself in a better place to limit and reduce spam.

Here are some bills that are currently up for discussion. You can find out more about what they present by clicking on them.

  1. Burns-Wyden "CAN SPAM Act"
  2. The RID Spam Act
  3. The Schumer Bill
  4. The Anti-Spam Act of 2003
  5. The Ban on UCE Act of 2003
  6. Criminal Spam Act of 2003
  7. Reduce Spam Act of 2003
  8. Wireless Telephone Spam Protection Act
  9. Computer Owners Bill of Rights

Please do what you can to get in touch with your representatives and let them know which bills you support!